Submission Guidelines

There are 2 types of art/text submissions: "Camera-Ready" and "Typeset."


  • Camera-Ready Art is ready for production with no additional changes necessary. This includes:
    • Sized accordingly
    • Text/Art arranged to exactly to final desired product
    To ensure highest quality, the following file types are required for camera-ready art:
    • Convert text to curves/paths. This ensures the layout will not change with slight variations in typefaces between computers.
      • Lists of names can be submitted in a Word or Excel format.
    • Logos are best sent in Vector Formats. The universal file format for this is refered to as an EPS. Some programs can output PDF files which can be used.
      • Scanned Logos require higher resolutions to maintain sharpe lines and text. Therefore 600 DPI is the suggested resolution. A typical format is a Bitmap or Black and White.
    • Photographs and some logos can be sent in a TIF format. This format is typically from image scanners. Scanned images are best done in an Expert mode where the resolution and size of the scan are easily controlled.
      • Photographs should be enlarged or reduced to the final size and 200 to 300 Dots Per Inch, DPI. If the photograph is to be printed in Full color, then the color setting is needed. Black & White photos should be converted to a grayscale format before being sent.


  • Typeset Art is artwork that is created and/or layout at the factory by our art department.
    • A layout is defined as a particular size plate with a fixed number of lines and definite arrangement (placement of names, dates, borders, etc.).
    • Art Setup is designed to be a one-time charge for a specific layout. It is simple to repeat an order at a later date; refer to the previous order and that setup will be used without an additional setup charge.

Typeset Design Resources

We work with you to create your own custom design. Below are examples of design resources to choose from: